Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road Trip Day 7 – New Orleans, Louisiana

By day 7 of our road trip, we had traveled approximately 2400 miles.  and had driven through Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.  After spending 3 days in New Iberia, Louisiana, we headed East.  On our way we stopped in New Orleans.  We didn’t have any plans and we had no idea what to do there so we just found a spot to park at Riverwalk Marketplace and started walking.  Guess where we ended up.  (The pictures are NOT in any particular order. )

IMG00378 We have arrived! The French Quarter. Taking up a 6 by 13 block area, the French Quarter is the oldest (1722) French Colonial and Spanish settlement that exists in the United States.

Bourbon Street, lined with bars, jazz clubs, hotels, restaurants, "gentlemen's clubs" (strip clubs) and boutiques is the best known party street in New Orleans.
The street is closed to vehicle traffic in the evening when it becomes a pedestrian mall and an extension of the parties taking place in most of the bars and music halls which are shoulder to shoulder in the most visited blocks.


I would have loved to have had a carriage ride thru the Garden District.  If we ever venture that way again, I will definitely do that!  This was taken by Jackson Square. IMG00381  The Mississippi river. trip2009 alabama 004

Inside Riverwalk Marketplace.  We checked out some shops before heading out into the wild unknown. trip2009 alabama 009  A steamboat on the Mississippi.trip2009 alabama 013 trip2009 alabama 014Sarabeth has always wanted and VW bus and when we found this, she was in heaven.  I would even drive this around.  Isn’t it adorable?   trip2009 alabama 023

trip2009 alabama 025

For such a historical treasure, we were surprised at how dirty and unkempt the French Quarter was.  It was really disappointing.  We heard from friends that after Hurricane Katrina, it went downhill and it’s full of bums now. 

trip2009 alabama 026    trip2009 alabama 033 trip2009 alabama 034

The balconies in the French Quarter are famous. 

trip2009 alabama 035

Old town meets new town.  And you can see some of the Bourbon Street balconies (think Mardi Gras). 

trip2009 alabama 036 

Standing on Bourbon Street taking a picture of the street sign. 

trip2009 alabama 043  trip2009 alabama 045

Bourbon Street. You can’t really tell from the picture, but almost every shop was PORN, PORN, PORN!!!!!!!  Click on the photo to make it bigger and you can see more detail.  Notice the guy in black on the left.  He was a human robot.  There were a lot of street performers (a.k.a. bums) on Bourbon Street. 

trip2009 alabama 046

Standing on Bourbon street, not really knowing what to do.  We wanted to check it out, but Porn and kids don’t really go together. 

trip2009 alabama 049  This (bum) street performer scared Emily.  See the look on her face? LOL.  She is terrified of clowns.  He was very dirty, his teeth were rotten, he reeked of alcohol and I’m sure he was on some kind of drugs.  And how about that creepy guy behind us.  Welcome to Bourbon Street. trip2009 alabama 053

This gate looked really old so I wanted a picture of it.  It was a pathway between two buildings that led to more buildings behind.  Not sure what it was exactly, but I thought it was cool. 

trip2009 alabama 054  Part of Jackson Square. trip2009 alabama 060

The iron fence surrounding Jackson Square, its formal gardens, walkways and benches can be largely credited to the Baroness Micaela Almonaster de Pontalba, who lobbied for and financed these improvements after the Battle of New Orleans in 1814.
The Baroness built the Upper and Lower Pontalba apartment buildings on the square in 1848. The Pontalba family sold the Lower Pontalba building in 1921 and it was given to the state museum in 1927.

trip2009 alabama 061 

Andrew Jackson

trip2009 alabama 067 Mississippi River trip2009 alabama 071

On the Moonwalk. The Moonwalk — named for former Mayor Moon Landrieu — is on the Mississippi River side of Artillery Park. Sit on the steps and dangle your feet in the muddy Mississippi or watch the steamboats, ocean going barges and other river traffic float by.

Next post…..more New Orleans photos.


Jenn said...

Love it! I love the would be fun to go on one of those.

Creative Mish said...

I love the steamboat, too. And that VW bus is awesome!

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