Thursday, November 27, 2008


I asked my girls to write down 5 things they are thankful for so I could post them on my blog. This is what they came up with.

Emily is thankful for:
1. My Family
2. My Friends
3. My Home
4. My School
5. My pets Bandit (rest in peace), Tabyana, Allie, Olivier, Midnight & Sebastian (gave away, but was told he was still sort of ours)
Jessica is thankful for:
1. My Life
2. My Family
3. My School
4. My House
5. My Pets

Sarabeth is thankful for:
1. My Family
2. My Friends
3. Books
4. Music
5. My Pets
6. Malls
7. Boys
8. Makeup
9. Lipgloss
10. Cell Phones
(she couldn't narrow it down to 5)
And what am I thankful for?
1. My Job
2. My Family
3. My Home
4. My Kids
5. My Health
6. Chocolate
7. Music
8. Good Friends
9. Good Books
10. Good Movies

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!


Witchy Emily


Bloody Vampire Jessica


80's Girl Sarabeth (she is wearing my prom dress from 1989 - see photo below)


Prom 1989. Flyboy and I with Nona and her ex-hubby.


Oh, who's this handsome football player? I joked about needing something to fill the crotch area, but it appears that I didn't need to.


Ghouly Flyboy. His eyes glowed red.


In all their glory. I was already out of my costume so I couldn't partake, but I love this picture.

Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!

Halloween Fun

For Halloween, we are able to dress up at work and possibly win a prize. Here are some photos of everyone who dressed up while I was there. There were a few more who came in after I left for the day and I don't have photo's of them. But take a look at these and let me know which one you would vote for.

No costume, just his idea of dressing nice. He actually did look pretty good.

Not sure what to call her. P.J.'s, rollers, and face cream.

How about a baby

Or how about Elvira?

How about our very own Cheerleader whose costume was made out of our store shirt, aprons (skirt) and plastic bags (pom poms)

I believe he was death metal or something like that.

This is supposed to be a member of a heavy metal band called Slipknot. He made the mask out of liquit latex and then painted it. The mouth was a zipper that really zipped. He made some babies cry.

Marilyn Monroe

Is there a doctor in the house?

Santa's Elf was a bit confused about what holiday it was.

Sir, Yes SIR!

Oompa Loompa doopa da dee..........

Spider Queen


Or how about this handsome football player?
Which one would you have voted for?
I'll post who won when it's announced at work.