Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 6, part 5. Jungle Gardens, Louisiana

O.K.  This is the last post for road trip day 5.  If you clicked on the Jungle Gardens link, then you know that part of the gardens is an Egret sanctuary.  Some of these photos are of that sanctuary.  The light green patches are the green covered water. Don’t know what to call it.  But it’s really pretty.

road trip 2009 123 road trip 2009 124

The small white things in the distance are the egrets.

road trip 2009 125

Egret on a wall of concrete in the water. road trip 2009 127

Egret meets alligator.  Big bird? Or tiny alligator?  The alligator was around 6 or 8 feet long.  road trip 2009 128  road trip 2009 130 road trip 2009 131 road trip 2009 132

This is how they made concrete in Louisiana a long, long time ago.  Can you see the shells in it?  Being married to a concrete man, we had to get a picture of it.  It was pretty interesting and cool to look at.  road trip 2009 133

A close up  of the green covered water.  road trip 2009 134

A closer look at the egret sanctuary.  I think we were there in their off season.  There weren’t very many there.  road trip 2009 135 road trip 2009 136 road trip 2009 137 road trip 2009 138 road trip 2009 140

I just LOVE these trees.  They are so big and expansive and beautiful.road trip 2009 141 road trip 2009 142

These stairs were being the big, beautiful tree.  It seemed to be some kind of a sitting area with a fountain.  road trip 2009 143 road trip 2009 144 road trip 2009 145 road trip 2009 146

Being the explorers that we are, we wandered off the beaten path again, walked thru some trees and brush and found this piece of paradise.  In the middle of nothing.  But Sarabeth dubbed it as the place she wants to get married.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but you could easily seat 50 to 100 people in there.  I wish I knew what it was made for. 

road trip 2009 147 road trip 2009 148 road trip 2009 149

So this is the end of  Jungle Gardens on Avery Island.  I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures.  I know there were a lot of them, but there were so many different things to see there and I wanted to share them with you.  If you ever go to Louisiana, please go to Avery Island.  I wish we would have had time to tour the Tabasco plant too.  I hate Tabasco, but I like touring places. 

Up next………New Orleans

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 6, part 4. Jungle Gardens, Louisiana

Yes, I am still posting pictures from the beautiful Jungle Gardens.  I hope you’re not bored with them.

road trip 2009 092 road trip 2009 093A view of the house that holds the Buddha.      road trip 2009 097  We had to walk a path to get to the Buddha.  On our way back down that same path, we noticed these banana spiders.  Yep, they were above us the entire time.  I’m surprised Don didn’t come face to face with one of them.  They were everywhere.  road trip 2009 099 road trip 2009 100 road trip 2009 102

These spiders were about the size of your palm.  Seriously huge.  They were totally cool to look at, but I would have died if I had run into one of their webs. 

road trip 2009 107 road trip 2009 109

I thought this tunnel was absolutely beautiful. 

road trip 2009 110

The light green area in the back is actually water.  The water was covered in green plant life.  I don’t know what to call it.  But it was so pretty.

road trip 2009 111 road trip 2009 112 road trip 2009 113 road trip 2009 114 road trip 2009 115       road trip 2009 122